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What is Teeth Replacement with Dental Implants and TeethXpress™️?

Your TeethXpress™️ or overdenture treatment uses dental implants to form a secure, new tooth root. An implant is crafted from a surgical-grade of titanium to provide stable support for your tooth replacement.

Dental implants are placed via oral surgery into your jawbone and gum tissue. After your implants have healed, a post (abutment) is secured inside your implant to hold your tooth replacement.

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Why You Can Trust Dental Implant Security for Tooth Replacement with TeethXpress™️

Your oral health is at risk when you neglect the loss of your teeth. Dental implants provide the support your bone and gum tissue require to stay healthy and functional.

Implant placement relies on a healthy jawbone and gums. Your examination will provide a necessary diagnosis of yours.

Dental Implant Advantages for TeethXpress™️

Your tooth function and smile appearance is restored when using dental implants as a missing teeth replacement. The full mouth implants procedure or an overdenture is supported by strategically placing dental implants in your upper and/or lower jawbone.

A new tooth root is formed by a single implant. You will chew and smile with confidence with a new, full set of permanent teeth secured by implants following a healing period.

Facts Associated with Dental Implants and TeethXpress™️

A new tooth root formed by your implant will keep your bone and gum tissue healthy.

Dental implants used in your full mouth or overdenture procedure consist of a secure new tooth root (the implant) and the abutment (post) to provide support for your full arch of new, permanent teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw.

Your treatment with TeethXpress™️ and implants maintains your the health of your bone and gum tissue to fully restore your tooth function and smile.