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Replacement of a Single Tooth

Your loss of one tooth can be replaced with a single implant without affecting your surrounding teeth. A post (abutment) is attached to your implant to provide support for your dental crown on the surface of your gums.

Tooth Replacement Choices

 Multiple options exist when you lose a tooth.  The dental implant is the gold standard in tooth replacement and there are some serious consequences if this treatment is delayed or ignored. Below are the pros and cons of your choices when replacing a missing tooth.

Tooth Replacement with a Dental Implant

  • Looks like a natural tooth
  • Ability to chew restored
  • No bone loss
  • No damage to other teeth
  • Standard of care

Traditional Crown and Bridge

  • Looks more like teeth
  • Damage of adjacent healthy teeth
  • Under bridge bone loss
  • Last 7-15 years on average
  • Expensive to replace

Delaying Tooth Replacement

  • Unattractive
  • Loss of chewing ability
  • Bone loss is possible
  • Early Aging because of tooth and bone loss
  • Teeth next to the empty space begin to fill space

Process of Tooth Replacement with a Dental Implant

The placement of tooth implants involves three basic steps. Full details are provided to you during your oral examination.

1-Implant Placement

A new tooth root is created by the implant to secure your new tooth above your gums. Your implant is made to fuse with your natural bone and is extremely strong.  The implant will be the anchor of your new tooth.  After placement, the implant will be allowed to heal for a period of time.

2-Dental Impression and Lab Process

A post (abutment) is attached to the inside of your dental implant. Each post provides a secure anchor point for the crown.  These are both made specifically for you by a dental laboratory.  First however, Dr. Ayers will take an impression of your mouth, which is sent to the lab.  They will send a finished crown and abutment a few days later.

3-Attachment of your new tooth

Your last appointment will be short and easy.  Dr. Ayers will fixate your new abutment and crown to your implant.  This creates a strong, beautiful new tooth replacement restoration.  The dental implant procedure enables you to eat, chew, and smile with renewed confidence.